Shift to Mobile Marketing Over Web in Six Simple Steps

When is everything getting modernized, why not your marketing strategies? Mobile app users may be relatively less in number, but they more loyal than mobile web users. If you are into a marketing industry, you need to have wide reach within less time. However, marketing through the web has become a gray option. Get it renewed by switching yourself to a mobile app which will not only give a tremendous response but also can be a convenient option for the users.

A mobile app audience is not a web audience or even a mobile web audience. For beginners, here are six tips for marketing an app.

Step 1. Improve App Store Assets

App stores act as a marketing medium. Enhancing your app store appearance certifies your brand is communicated clearly to the potential downloaders and users.

First, you need to visit the Apple app store and follow the rules mentioned. Second, don’t just stick to your own screenshots because here you can customize your screenshots beyond a simple screen capture. If it isn’t clear what your app screenshot is showing, consider customization: add boxes to highlight features, etc. On your own company’s digital properties, ensure you promote your app in an Apple-compliant way.

Step 2. Email-A Key Mobile Marketing Medium

Mobile email open rates overpowered desktop globally. So you should take it as fact that this is your key medium for communicating with your app’s users.

An app download is a demonstration of favorites to engross with your brand in the app, not on the mobile web. The user has downloaded your app, you can deepen link with them through email to enhance their app-relevant experience.

Step 3. Ask User Review

To know how is your app doing, you can ask the users to rate and review your app by notifying them from within a week after they download it. If a user opts to rate the app, they are taken into the app store. You can also create a user feedback section where they can provide direct email or survey-based feedback to the development team.

Step 4. Prefer to Spend on CPI

Here you should spend on cost-per-install instead of spending on clicks. It can work great if budgets are tight, you can focus on mediums where you can hyper target just like Facebook install ads configured by using Facebook Ads Manager.

Step 5. Send Targeted Push Notifications

It is a marketing tool where Push notifications are used to re-engage your current base, and users must opt for this to receive these messages. Try creating push notifications short and targeted that can target your audience with a push notification.

Step 6. Small Companies and Startups would Guide You

Blogs of small mobile companies and startups prove to be the best content on marketing apps and mobile industry just like the no-coding app creation platform App Builder Online.

Mobile app marketing automation has hit the scene, but until it’s widespread, these tips will serve as a great start for marketers for driving downloads and user engagement.