16 years of successful projects and digital expertise that we can’t wait to share with you.

TWENTYONE is a premium digital agency.
We're a compact group of computer engineers and design enthusiasts.
Possessing an extensive customer base of hoteliers, we’re building the best digital experiences according to clients needs.

Our services are usable, robust and highly scalable that help businesses work easier. The quality, design and usability of our services is what sets us apart from the competition.

We’re working on all sorts of exciting areas of application development: web, mobile, infrastructure, performance, ui/ux design, integrations with dozens of web services, API development, modern front-endframeworks, scalability, video, natural language processing, data science and usability engineering.

The procces

Product quality is the key, so we built our processes around quality-driven development and unit tests. Code review and QA testing are part and parcel of our standard operating procedure. We follow the agile methodology to stay flexible and meet your needs as they change and grow along with your project. We make sure our products run fast and are easily scalable. We also ensure that the deployment process runs smoothly with no server interruptions. At the same time, we avoid 'scaling too early' to save you time and money.


You get an entire ‘team experience’ package, including QA testing and lead developer mentoring at no additional cost. We just love to keep the code clean and maintainable! Each line of code we produce is checked by another developer from the team (peer code review). Our testers verify all functionalities to spot all potential issues before you do (QA testing stage). We use feature branches and Pull Requests to document our work on a specific feature


Our technologies of choice are React Native for IOS & Android, React.js for our frontend and others. We are experienced in integrating our software with a number of external services such as Webhotelier, Hotelist, Google Analytics, Amazon Web Services, Social Platforms, etc. We have vast experience with payment provider integration, and we have already worked with many powerful solutions, e.g. PayPal, Skrill, PayU and Stripe. We love cloud-based infrastructure and also have experience with configuring and maintaining a multi-server infrastructure, including docker-based deployments.

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